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Shamrock Accident Prevention Process (SAPP)

SAPP is Shamrock’s behavior based safety program, which addresses one of the contributing causes to incidents and injuries: human behavior. SAPP is a proactive and hands-on approach to safety that prevents at-risk behavior though peer-to-peer intervention and open discussion.


The SAPP process involves taking samples of behavior or Observations to identify potential hazards, reinforce safe behaviors and coach at-risk behaviors. Shamrock employees are required to make at least one Observation per hitch.


Basic Steps of an Observation:


SAPP Observations are submitted online through Shamrock’s Intranet system. This web-based program allows Shamrock to constantly track and trend data gathered from these Observations and understand how at-risk behaviors are motivated. Each month, Shamrock’s HSE team sends out a SAPP Report to all employees to inform them of current trends in behavior, areas of concern and the ratio of safe behaviors to at-risk behaviors. By communicating information from Observations, we can better prevent injuries, focus on areas needing improvement and implement action plans that will ultimately make Shamrock Energy Solutions a safer company.


Click the SAPP Tutorial link below for step-by-step instructions on how to submit an Observation on the Intranet.


SAPP Tutorial »