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News: Intern Program

Shamrock Energy Solutions is excited to announce the launch of our Internship Program beginning in January 2018! Shamrock has the fortunate opportunity to partner with some of our customers as well as several vocational/technological schools and colleges in our area to provide real offshore oil and gas production work experiences to selected students enrolled in petroleum technology degree programs. In addition to these local resources, Shamrock also recruits interns from Veterans placement programs across the nation. The goal of our internship program is to help launch future careers, as well as grow our industry with new talent.


As a leader in production labor services, Shamrock provides our interns with work experience that will give them the advantage of marketability as a job candidate, and allow them to gain a greater understanding of their chosen field. Each selected intern is provided with a qualified and experienced mentor who shares the knowledge and insight that they have gained over the years in the industry. Interns are also assigned a company liaison who works with the intern, our industry partners and our company to ensure that everyone involved is achieving their desired goals.


Internships are offered throughout the year for those qualified and selected students whose schedules permit. The typical internship will last for a semester, or a 5-6 month period, working on a rotational basis. This way, students can continue their studies on their time off while still gaining experience in the field.


We are very excited to help grow our industry with qualified, competent and experienced personnel and to offer this quality to our valued customers! For more information, contact our recruiters at Careers@go-shamrock.com.