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At Shamrock Energy Solutions, we make training our main priority. Our top notch training program encompasses a multitude of job specific training courses which meet or exceed our compliance standards set by government agencies and customer contracts.

Every Shamrock employee undergoes a rigorous initial screening, including phone screening, personal interview and job-skill assessment to determine level of competency. When the initial screening is passed, our employees go through a comprehensive training schedule prior to entry into the field.

Our team continually visits training facilities to ensure training instruction meets our high standards. Instructor qualifications are requested and maintained to verify our employees are receiving the most current training in the industry.


Core Training & Continuing Education
Shamrock prides itself on maintaining a fully trained workforce. We have developed an in-house, centralized online training program geared specifically to the work environment of our employees. In addition to over 20 core courses that we require of every employee, we are continuously developing our online library to include courses which offer opportunities for professional development in:

  • Fundamentals
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Environmental Safety
  • Production Operations
  • Instrumentation
  • Running Maintenance


Competency Verification Program
Shamrock has developed a comprehensive process that will confirm and increase the overall knowledge and skills of our employees and ensure a safe work environment. A safe work environment begins with staffing our operations with the most competent field personnel in the industry. Our Competency Verification Program consists of several elements which begin at candidacy and follow the employee throughout his/ her employment with Shamrock Energy Solutions.  


For more information about our training program, contact training@go-shamrock.com