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It’s no secret that the energy industry has been faced with many challenges over the last two years. However, Shamrock Energy Solutions continues to experience growth that is uncharacteristic in today’s current environment. In addition to our stellar safety record, another reason for our organization’s sustain growth is that we take a “NO BARRIERS” approach to our hiring process.


Our goal has always been to staff the most qualified and experienced employees in the industry, therefore we streamlined our hiring process and removed any obstacles that would prevent a candidate from wanting to join the Shamrock team. That‘s what No Barriers is all about.


In an attempt to remain profitable in these challenging times, many companies are raising the cost of their employees’ health insurance and making changes to their benefits plan.


Not at Shamrock. We strive to ensure that our benefits package is the BEST in the industry. Our leadership team recognizes that great benefits are a reward for hard work and help to build strong families. Shamrock’s unparalleled benefits package includes:



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When you join the Shamrock team, you're not just numbers. You're people. Our people and our greatest asset. We have made employee satisfaction a top priority, because we understand that a happy employee is engaged, has a sense of ownership and accountability and is committed for the long haul. This in turn keeps our customers happy because a disgruntled work force is one less headache they have to deal with. Because of our great pay, unbeatable benefits package and how well we treat our team, Shamrock Energy Solutions has been able to attract the cream-of-the crop employees. Find out how you can be a part of our ever-growing team. Contact our recruiters at careers@go-shamrock.com.




Shamrock Energy Solutions participates in E-Verify.




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